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Used in all FRESH clubs and for various art techniques...Berol Colourbroad Pens are a FRESH favourite that help children confidently express their creative side for endless colouring and writing fun.


  • Filled with vivid, washable ink.
  • Washable ink can be washed off most clothing and removed from most porous surfaces.
  • Transparent ink which allows additional colours to be created with overlays of the brighter colours.
  • Smooth, steady ink flow for consistent, easy-to-see lines.
  • 2 Week Cap Off Life - all colours except for blue and black, can be left uncapped for at least 14 days before they dry out.
  • Durable broad tip provides excellent coverage over large areas.
  • 1.2mm line width.

Berol® Colour Broad Pens 12 Assorted

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