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The Seawhite CupCycling™ ECO Sketchbook is a multi-award winning collaboration involving producers, outlets and consumers. 


Portrait CupCycling™ ECO Sketchbook

  • 40 pages / 20 sheets
  • Attractive blue CupCycling™ cover
  • Stapled binding
  • 80% recycled using reclaimed coffee cups
  • Made in the UK


Contains 140gsm CupCycling™ Cartridge Paper:

  • Acid-free, Chlorine free, FSC, Vegan-friendly
  • Sized to perform with wet & dry media
  • Part of the world’s first scheme to upcycle single-use coffee cups



In the past, only 1 in 400 takeaway coffee cups were recycled in the UK. This is because it is difficult to separate the plastic lining from the paper. CupCycling™ by James Cropper is the world’s first recycling process dedicated to upcycling takeaway cups.

Seawhite CupCycling™ Recycled Sketchbooks - *choose your size*

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