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Fresh is delighted to bring this brilliant drawing game all the way from Australia, that all the family will enjoy.

We love the Samitomato drawing game and play it every week in all our clubs, designed and created by illustrator Samantha Simpson-Morgan for the young kid inside all of us: that kid who delights in drawing fun, silly things! 

With over 800,000 fun drawing options in each drawing game pack, grown-ups and kids of four years old and over will draw with delight for hours! 

To play, separate the cards into four coloured piles – pink, green, blue and yellow – then roll the dice to create a crazy, fun drawing challenge, such as 'a happy polka-dotted tap dancing giraffe '.

This is a non-competitive drawing game that can played alone, or in a group. It is designed to open up creativity in children and adults and to allow them to have lots of silly fun with drawing! 


Pack includes dice and instructions, in an 'easy-to-pack-in-your-handbag' drawstring bag.

© Samantha Simpson-Morgan

Samitomato Drawing Game for Kids (single pack) - Edition 1

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