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Fresh is delighted to bring this brilliant drawing game all the way from Australia, that all the family will enjoy.

We love the Samitomato drawing game and play it every week in all our clubs, designed and created by illustrator Samantha Simpson-Morgan for the young kid inside all of us: that kid who delights in drawing fun, silly things! 


Newest Samitomato Drawing Game add-on pack, Fashion Animal is here!

Comprising of ten additional fashion themed yellow cards, add to your existing Samitomato Drawing games for fabulous fashion themed, hilarious drawing fun!

‘Happy brightly striped moose wearing clogs’, ‘mean pale pink owls wearing pyjamas’ and ‘awestruck floral patterned cats wearing denim’ are all part of the 30+ creative drawing options that Fashion Animal adds to the fun of playing Samitomato!

Includes BONUS colour in wrapping!

*please note, this is not a stand alone game, it needs to be added to either Samitomato Drawing Game, or Samitomato Edition 2*

For children 4 yrs+


© Samantha Simpson-Morgan

Samitomato Fashion Animal (add-on pack)

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